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USDA eAuthentication is the system used by USDA agencies to enable customers to obtain accounts that will allow them to access USDA Web applications and services via the Internet. This includes things such as submitting forms electronically, completing surveys online, and checking the status of your USDA accounts.

Please note that USDA will only accept eAuthentication Accounts from individuals.

Currently USDA eAuthentication does not have the mechanism to issue accounts to businesses, corporations or other entities.

To apply for a USDA eAuthentication Account, please visit the Create an Account Page.

Coming Soon - A New Look

In the coming weeks, the USDA eAuthentication website will have a brand-new look. USDA is rolling out a new eAuth Next Generation website to improve user experience. See what’s coming.

Version: Environment: PRO Deployed: 6/9/2015 10:00:24 AM