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LRA Information for USDA Employees

What is an LRA?

Local Registration Authorities (LRAs) are USDA employees who are trained to act as the trusted entity to verify a customer’s identity who would like a USDA eAuthentication account to conduct official business with USDA via the Internet. The role of the LRA can be compared to a Notary Public who ensures the identity of an individual conducting official business transactions. This process is called, "identity proofing."

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What are my roles as an LRA?

  • The LRA serves as an integral part of the eAuthentication account verification process.
  • The LRA role is solely to assist USDA customers with verification of their identity.
  • The LRA must be able to communicate the eAuthentication account registration and verification process.

What are my responsibilities as an LRA?

LRAs are responsible for completing the entire 3-step process:

  1. Search for the customer's User Account Profile in the eAuthentication application.
  2. Verify the customer's identity. Compare their first name, last name, and birth date, along with the physical appearance and attributes provided on the customer's government issued photo identification.
  3. Activate the customer's account by entering the type of photo ID provided and the expiration date.

Note: If a discrepancy is found, that will prohibit the completion of the identity verification process, then the LRA will provide the customer with the required steps to complete the process.

What are the approved forms of government issued photo IDs for identity verification?

Recent changes have been made to the list of approved forms of photo identification for Identity Proofing Services for USDA eAuthentication. Only official non-expired government-issued photo identification from this list can be accepted by the LRA.

  • State or Province-issued driver's license or photo identification card from the United States or Canada.
  • US Military or US Federal Government employment PIV/CAC (Smart) identification card (DOD, DOS, DHS, NDU, etc.).
  • A valid passport issued by any country listed on the US Department of State website.

How do I become an LRA?

Local Registration Authorities (LRA) must be Federal USDA employee. An LRA cannot be contract employee, affiliate, or volunteer. USDA Employees who, would like to become an LRA must, take a required LRA Training Course. Your agency's LRA Coordinator will need to add a training access role to your eAuthentication account profile before you can take the training. Once the training role is added to your eAuthentication account profile, USDA eAuth will then assign the training course to your ‘To Do List’ in AgLearn. Note: Agency Training Coordinators cannot assign the LRA Training Course. If you do not know who your Agency LRA Coordinator is, please reach out to your Agency or State eAuth Coordinator.